Private Pilot Course Package

Piper Cherokee Warrior II:  $6663.92...immediate savings of $579.47 PLUS you save 10% on hours over the first 35!

What you get:

  • 35 Hours, Aircraft Rental
  • 20 Hours, Dual Flight Instruction
  • 10 Hours, Ground Instruction - One on One
  • Private Pilot Ground School (Classroom Course)
  • Private Pilot Course Syllabus
  • Private Pilot Textbook
  • ASA Private Pilot Written Test Prep Guide
  • Aluminum E-6B Flight Computer
  • Flexible Plastic Navigational Plotter
  • Piper Warrior Pilot's Operating Handbook
  • Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide
  • Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards Booklet
  • Private Pilot Logbook
  • Includes Sales Taxes on Books and Supplies

Pay as You Go:

We offer a pay as you go plan.  Start off with the $139.95 Introductory Flight Special with two, one-hour flights and instruction. Then, many students continue with weekly or bi-weekly lessons paying as they go or putting money up-front into their flying club account. You can fly as often as you want by simply looking at the flight schedule and writing yourself in next to your instructors name.


Regular - $62.00
Advanced - $67.00

Pay in Payments:

Pay in 3 payments of $ 10% on hours over the first 35 upon payment of the third installment.









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