Ground School Course

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Call (619) 449-0611 to sign up, no payment is required until the 3rd class.

Our Ground School class tuition is $395. An immediate family member (spouse, child) can attend for 1/2 tuition.

Our class is "perpetual" meaning once you pay the tuition you can attend future sessions of ground school without paying the tuition again. This is beneficial in case for any reason you do not finish or want to refresh your knowledge. We hold hold a new ground school session 4 times a year.

We use the Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual for our classes. You can find the required reading chapters for each class on our schedule of classes.

After you are prepared by our Ground School Course, the FAA knowledge exam is given on our C.A.T.S computer at a cost of $150 ($140 for AOPA members).  Results are good for 2 years.

If you miss a class or want to review a class topic you can do so online. Here are two examples: Flaps and Engine Primer.

Golden State Flying Club has been teaching ground school for 40 years at Gillespie Field, we understand that learning to fly is more than passing some tests and learning a few fundamental skills.

We take the time to deepen your learning experience by answering every question, using experiences we have had with helping thousands of students earn their Private Pilot Certificate, experiences we have shared with our pilots, our online videos and our unique open enviroment where you can stop by anytime and be around people who are pilots, instructors, and other students.

Call us to get added to our next class roster! (619) 449-0611

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