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Why choose Golden State?
Golden State has been teaching new pilots how to fly for almost Fifty (50!) years. You don't get to do this for that long, if you don't do it right.

Golden State has a large fleet of expertly maintained airplanes.  Please reivew our airplanes at our "Fleet" page..

Maintenance: We are very proud of the fact that all of our aircraft are equiped with Factory Remanufactured engines, exclusively. We have our own maintenance staff, and shop, exclusively dedicated to our own aircraft. Our expert mechanics work only on our fleet, thus we can ensure the highest quality and timeliness in maintenance!

Engines and Airplanes are important, but so are instructors. We have a large and diverse staff of instructors, each of whom are carefully standardized to assure that the strictest standards are maintained in your training. Having a large group of instructors gives you more choices so you can learn from someone who you "click" with.

Location: Golden State is located at Gillespie Field Airport in East San Diego County. Our airport has an FAA operated Air Traffic Control Tower, and all of the amenities, but has much less traffic than other local fields such as Montgomery Field or Brown Field. That means you spend less time waiting for things, and save money in the process. Less traffic also makes it a little less stressful while learning the basics.

What do I need to take lessons?
To receive your Student Pilot's license, you will be required to provide positive identification, and pass an FAA approved flight physical. The FAA certifies certain Physicians to administer these physical exams. Fees for these exams vary slightly from Doctor to Doctor. Once you get your license, you'll need occasional re-checks to maintain your "medical" ticket. For details, call us and we'll put you in touch with a few Doctors we use. They can answer any detailed medical questions you may have.

What does it cost?
YOU are a determining factor. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements are 35 hours minimum flight experience and pass written and oral exams. Your previous experience, how often you fly, the type of aircraft, and sometimes your age are all factors that impact the total cost of getting your Private Pilot's license. We offer an environment for you to become an excellent pilot.

Paying for Flight Training
All of our students are members of the Golden State Flying Club. As a member, you'll have an account set up and will fly against that account's balance. All you have to do is keep your account current, and you can fly as often as you like.

We offer several payment options for your convenience. First is CASH. We will also accept your personal check. You can, if you desire, pay with your Credit Card.

How long does it take to get my license?
The FAA says the minimum is 35 flying hours and pass the written test. Most people actually fly a little more. The average is usually higher due to the differences with each Student Pilot. Most Students take 50 to 70 hours of instruction before they test for their license.

How young, or old, must I be to fly?
You can fly at almost any age. If you are lucky enough to be younger than 17, you can solo at age 16 and get your license at age 17. Basic health is all that is required.

What can I do with my license after I get it?
Well, you can fly! You can see the world, or at least a small part of it, from a completely different perspective. You can cut travel time by a large margin when you travel any appreciable distance. You can enjoy just being above it all. You can put those ground-based non-flying friends and relatives in their places. If you have to, you can even take them for rides. In all, you can challenge yourself to learn something new, and benefit from the effort you've put into aquiring a new skill. Oh yeah, you can also just get in a plane, for no reason, and just enjoy it!



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