Stop Dreaming and Start Flying!

We have been helping students achieve their dreams of flight training since 1968 at Gillespie Field in El Cajon. As an FAA approved flight training school we have our own training curriculum, classes, and certified instructors. As a Flying Club we have six airpplanes in our fleet available for your flight training.

Our flying lessons go at the pace you want to take and you can pay as you go. Since we are more than a school you can continue to use the planes you are familiar with and continue on with advanced training right here at Golden State.



Curious about Flying?

You are invited to Golden State Flying Club's unique Orientation Seminar held most Saturday Mornings starting at 9:00. In this class styled seminar led by our ground instructor, Jeff Warren, you will learn how aircraft fly, how they are operated and how, ultimately, one becomes a pilot. Everything is explained including the time commitment required to earn your wings to the realistic costs involved. You and Jeff will spend some time out on the flightline getting up close and hands-on with an airplane from our fleet.

If you have ever wondered if flying is for you please come have coffee and donuts with Jeff as he gives you the information you need. The seminar is free with NO OBLIGATION to fly. Bring a friend or family member.

The class starts at 9:00 AM and ends about 11:30. Seating is limited so please call ahead and reserve a spot at the next available session. Call 619-449-0611



Two Ways to Get Started

Introductory Flight Special - $139.95 - Piper Cherokee Warrior II

2 one hour flights, FAA Flight Training textbook (200 pages), 2 ground school sessions, 2 hours of dual-instruction, and a logbook. This is an opportunity to find out what flying is like and decide if Golden State is where you want to earn your Private Pilot's License. We are open 7 days a week, call us at (619) 449-0611 to schedule when you would like to fly.

Private Pilot Ground School - $395.00 + Books

Starts April 3rd 2018, every Tuesday and Thursday 7pm to 9:30pm. This 11-week course will prepare you for the FAA Knowledge test and is definitely the most fun way to accomplish your required ground training. This class consists of 16 lectures, workshops, testing and graduation which provides the student with the necessary certificate to take the FAA test. Cost of all this... just $395 plus books. The FAA test is also taken here when the class has been completed. For more information, call or come by to sign up!


Call (619) 449-0611 for Professional Flight Instruction , Flying Lessons , Flight Training in San Diego, California since 1968.

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